" At ITC we build business leaders who create value, who believe that the future belongs to those who are able to create it."
" These times of crisis bring to the fore the critical role that inspired talent plays in building resilience of enterprises that are built to last. Your Company believes in nurturing a talented pool of ‘proneurs’ – entrepreneurial professionals who operate with a start up mindset but with the crucial advantage of ITC’s institutional resources. This pool of distributed leaders with wide experience across businesses are supported by a culture of continuous learning that provides cutting-edge development support to create the ‘proneurs’ of the future.
The ‘proneurial’ mindset, adaptive capacity and deep commitment of your Company’s distributed leadership together with the inspiration to serve a larger national purpose formed the fulcrum of the resilience demonstrated during these difficult times, and will continue to be its strength in the years to come. "
- Sanjiv Puri
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